Lamp holders
also in special design with coding and for multi-lamp fitting, ex-protected holders

Automotive components
for lambda probes, diesel emission engineering, sealing discs for petrol pumps, electrical resistors for fan motors and instrument illumination, plain bearings in aggressive exhaust gas, support for temperature sensors in heating installations

featuring high abrasion-resistance, minimum wear and high corrosion-resistance for high-pressure cleaning systems up to 2,000 bar and nozzle-hole diameters up to 0.15 mm, for metal-powder atomizing, powder coating plants or glue supply systems

Components for household appliances
such as thermal radiators, cookers, toasters, fan heaters, microwave ovens and the components required for 

Temperature controllers
such as controller housing, baseplate, actuating pins and control levers.

Thermoelement plug and -socket connectors

Bushes and break tubes
for tubular heaters and heating cartridges

Heater formers
for cylinder heating and heating/cooling combination system, fan heaters

Structural parts
for industrial furnaces, heat guns, continuous-flow heaters, heat exchangers

Parts for processing plant and apparatus engineering
Level indicators, soldering stations, projectors, high-accuracy weighing machines, spark suppressors, laser systems, X-ray analyzers, locators for high-load resistors, potentiometer rings, insulating rings for injection-moulding tools with low heat conduction

Lamp sockets
in more than 100 versions of standard and special design for UV and IR radiators, halogen metal vapor lamps with 1, 2 or 4 pins in brass, nickel, steel or with pigtail leads. On request with colored glazing or laser inscription.

Sealing and regulating discs
for hydro-engineering, pneumatic, hydraulic systems

in medical technology and in household appliances

Pump components
for sliding ring bearings, pistons, seals, suitable for abrasive substances

Pressure sensors
with diaphragm thicknesses up to 0.12 mm, fluid-resistant

Sensor holder
for smoke detector in aircraft construction

Temperature sensors
for thermal protection, air conditioning, thermometers

for apparatus construction, electrostatic filter plants, transformer bushes, post insulators, corona surface coating plants, unglazed and glazed

Tubes, Axes, measuring components
Tubes: Single- and multi-hole, collar tubes, tubes for starting electrode
axes: high-precision grinded with cross-holes or grooves

Ceramics-metal composites, Assembly
all the conventional connection techniques, screw-fastening, riveting, upsetting, roller-burnishing, gluing, soldering, in industrial quantities using assembly robots

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